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Royalty Free Music For Gameplays

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Are you looking for ways to add sparkle to your gameplays, video games, corporate videos? Or you will like to spice up your website with some music or preferably want to make your website a very entertaining hub for your visitors? Then you need to add some background music to your project.


You need to use royalty free music or music under creative commons licenses. Period.

But if you are looking to use some music over the internet, then consider using entertaining music. Usually, most of the sound in the royalty libraries is free, and it can be license to you.

It’s like you subscribe for a permit you can use this background music again and again. You don’t need to be among those who download games music illegally from the internet. Nowadays, you can quickly get copyrighted sounds that are royalty free.

There are lots of these types of music you can download online. Royalty free tunes range from hip-hop to timelapse cinematic music to even the sound of animals and from the folk music to warm rock tunes.

Wondering, what quality you can get in such stock music libraries? Check out this and tell me!

AcousticBro Upbeat and Happy Folk

$14.95$199.95Select options

AcousticBro Dramatic Trailer

$14.95$199.95Select options

Whatever type of music you want it`s available to be downloaded for free. The good thing here is that you can reuse the music as often as you want.

Most video games, corporate videos, website, and blogs often engage in the use of this kind license for music. The ‘looping method’ is used to make sure that music effect loops within a website, so that it continues to play without stopping while you navigating the site.

Remember that windows 97 sounds? Heh, like it was yesterday. This music is also used in computers when you opened one up.

Instead of the traditional ding ding of a laptop what you hear from your email or when you open a program are sound of a dog barking, horse running or any other music you might desire you can always find great background music for your needs or even download it, whichever you want (are also free of royalty).



As music composer, I can definitely tell you, that producing music for games is a real fun. It`s evocative, compete, difficult, but at the end you get real satisfaction.

I am pretty sure, you don’t want to run into trouble with the authorities by using illegally downloaded kinds of music. If you have a project to work on, either your project or for your clients, it is advisable to use this kind of music for gameplay. That`s why we declare 6 advantages why you should buy with AcousticBro.

monetize youtube channel

Most clients love to have their website very entertaining, if you are tempted to use some copyrighted music illegally on clients project, you have not only stolen somebody’s original work, but you have also opened a door of dispute on your client’s project. And as such you might lose the clients patronage forever.

Read more details about how to monetize youtube channel and perform it without copyright issues, that can help you a little bit to mix things up.


You might think, why I can`t just put some famous song from iTunes, for example? That`s simply – because it doesn`t provide you need license.

With music for gameplay, you can make your video games, computers, websites and blogs to be more entertaining just precisely the way the clients wants it.

If you have the right to the soundtrack, you won’t be in any infringement and legal right tussle with any music producers or associations. This is what wikipedia says about music copyright.

download games music, video game

You can get thousands of free royalty music that suits each of your projects online. Just read carefully about music licensing and choose what you need. And remember, many producers register their works at companies, which tracking all music and paying royalties for using, such as BMI, ASCAP, etc.

But if you are not satisfied with the sound you get from a particular track, you can always have two or more tracks mixed to produce your desired track for your project.

And if this is where you fall into, combining different types of track to create your unique sound, we always here to help. You can reach out to us and we will offer custom design at a very affordable rate.

If you ever wondered, how people creating and mixing music for video games, I think it will be interesting for you. Look how music impacts on video with the help of Unreal Engine 4:

What famous song do you use in your video?

Leave your comment below.

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  1. Nina at - Reply

    well, great thankyou for this video, i think i got how it work now) those problems with using famous song…. actually i have no idea how avoid it before now. I hope i can undestend interface to make soundtrack for my project on my own. Anyway it worth to try to create some tracks in AcousticBro.it must be easy just will find something nice and a little bit mix them up. But it seems i need more information about music licensing yet

  2. John at - Reply

    The article is unique in its kind, literate, clearly articulated and irreproachable. I fully agree with the text of this article that music in games sometimes fully describes the plot and helps to emphasize the style and genre of a particular game, just as I agree that you can not Use someone else’s music to infringe copyrights,
    you can substitute not only your activity, but the author and the artist of the music or song, under attack. First of all, I would like to note that this applies to those people who create computer games and imposes soundtracks for video, use music to design web sites. It is accurately noticed, that it is better to be fully convinced of the correctness of your actions.If you are not sure about the choice of music for your project, then use the licensed music downloader or use other different programs to create your music and mixers, thus you will protect not only yourself, but performer as well. This article will fully provide an objective help for beginners from web designers and to producers of computer games.
    Remember acquiring music on a fee basis you do not violate the copyright of the performer.I like how this article provides an objective help for beginners from web designers to producers of computer games. I would like to express appreciation for the usefulness of this article.

    • AcousticBro Music at - Reply

      Thank you for such detailed comment.

      That`s why I tried to describe this process as fully as I could.

  3. Janika at - Reply

    This is definitely a cool idea, I have a website and it is great that I can transform it by adding background music. I agree that it’s better to secure your site and legally use music. Is it possible to change music on the site during the day, or, say, to automate this process, I’m a little confused? This article is very useful for me, but I would like to know more details.

    • AcousticBro Music at - Reply


      Well, I am not sure if you can change music on the site during the day (depending on day) 🙂 But you can stream radio for sure.

  4. asmikrolin at - Reply

    Interesting site! Excellent article, a lot of new and useful for myself noted! The theme of selecting music is very well revealed, spelled out specific aspects on this topic. I was surprised and interested in the fact that you can pick up individual music for your theme, for your blog, site or channel, and you can also design a copyright for the melody to be unique!

  5. Tatiana at - Reply

    The article is certainly very useful. Theft is disgusting in any form, and especially the theft of intellectual property. You must not voicing your u-tube channel or games by downloading someone’s music from the Internet. It is fraught with complications with the law. It is great that there is a site where talanted people ready to help you with voice acting. I will recommend You to all my friends on u-tube

    • AcousticBro Music at - Reply

      Agreed! Thank you very much!

  6. Jesse at - Reply

    A very useful article for those who encountered creating videos, websites or own games. If you have a channel on YouTube, then you are familiar with this situation: your video does not play in some countries and on some mobile devices because of non-discriminatory music. This is very sad, because it significantly reduces viewing. I also did not pass this problem. But now I know for sure that my scans will not go down. Many thanks to the author for the advice! I will use Royalty Free Music for my work.

    • AcousticBro Music at - Reply

      That`s true! Thanks.

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