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How To Choose The Best Music For Your Video Marketing Project

So, you are wondering how to choose the best music for your video? Or having trouble choosing the best music for your video and to make a passionate expression of your new music?

Then you definitely have to discover a means to naturally create and develop the partnership between your viewer as well as your message. There’s not any other better connection involving your company and your audience compared to good new music.

Listed below are 6 functional tips for choosing the best songs to go with your video:

1. What part will audio play?

music for your video

To begin with, you want to know what type of audio you need to use in your video. Are you going to produce the music and make it the focal point of your video? If the impact of the music is very significant, it may directly take away instead of add to the total outcome of the video.

Would you like your music to converse general information or merely technical information vis-à-vis your field without distraction? These queries are what going to direct the type of music that you may use on your videotape.

Therefore, If you’re trying to send in depth technical information, then your type of music ought to be styled as a supportive underscore which won’t divert the responsiveness of your viewer. Also, if your music is broader, then you want to use foreground music which probably will bring out a few emotions.

Video about how music impacts on your product at the end.

2. Utilize Intro and Outro Audio In The Both Ends

To get your video impactful, you want to add some intro and outro song into the video. I.e. You need to add it at the beginning of the video and also the tail end of this video too

Once you have the intro and outro audio in your video, it helps provide your video a tone, make a short message, and also gives your viewer a sense of satisfaction. A superb solution to attain this would be to combine the sound by having a graphic for about 3 – 5 secs in the video. It is also possible to decide to try to divide the video chapters in certain point by merely increasing the volume of the audio.

There are many ways how to do it. I will show you 2 ways how usually I am creating this one.

As an ableton user, I prefer to make intro and outro fades there. So, firstly we upload our music in a project

Best Music For Your Video

Then click right-mouse on clip and choose “Show Fades” or use Ctrl+Alt+F

audio library

Then you will see envelopes. Just drug them with mouse and you will see how it makes audio clip more smooth on ends.

Intro Outro

Then click on export button.

Ableton export

That`s it! Congratulations!

Of course, fewer people using such professional software. So, you can go with easier way and use program, called “Audacity”.

Here how to do this.

Firstly, upload your music


Then choose effect – fade in

audio library

Same, but this time fade out

audio library

You`re done.

Click on export

audacity export


You can find more info on their page audacity.

3. What Is the Financial Plan?

How To Choose The Best Music For Your Video Marketing Project

A music financial budget is not the same from one individual to another. It all depends on if you want the aid of a music composer to generate an original track for your video project or you’ll be paying to have a permit to use a track from the music archive.

Your budget can be as low as $10 and as large as $100 to buy a permit in the audio library for little private use video and someplace in between $300 – $1000 to get a superb composer to generate an original track to get a brief video.

So, you have mostly like 3 options:

1) Royalty free music is your best option, since these are songs and music, specially designed to be placed as background music in videos. Their licenses of use will fit perfectly for any purpose.

2) Music under creative commons licenses

I do not recommend them, since it will be more complicated to find high quality music. And each of the licenses has different specifications that will make integration of music in your project more complicated.

There are different types of Creative Commons licenses and many of them do not allow the use of music in commercial projects. For more information visit our faq in which we explain what does royalty free music mean.

3) Hire a composer

I think consider hiring a composer only if you have the right budget and the video is really important. A composer can convey the moods and concepts that will be developed in the video to ideal.

If you want to create a series of videos, it is also a great option. So, all of them have a musical logic and helps to transfer a strong musical brand.

Audio Library

There’s one big problem, where do you even begin?

Finding a suitable library can lead to frustrate. That`s why we different. Our prices as low as $14.95 per track with quality equaled to $100 and more! Just look at those examples:

$14.95$79.95Select options

$14.95$79.95Select options

Our library contain hundreds of music tracks from a range of different genres.

4. Use Music Which Conveys Messages

video marketing

You want to think about the location of your audience when choosing the best music for your video. You want to realize the form of music that your audience can be accustomed to listening to, whether folk, rock, or even cinematic music. The cultural background of your audience matters much when choosing your songs.

Will playing a particular genre of songs appeal to your audience? Can it speak to their heart directly? And whenever you intend to achieve some broader market or some other age range type of music subsequent searching for a piece of music which is broad however appealing is advisable. You do not need to take out some section of your audience by being genre-specific with your music.

5. How do you pick music that fits with your voice?

Main mistake that a lot of people make is they choose music that doesn’t fit with their voice. If you plan to do overvoice commercial, or sing or do a lyrics video you need to remember that not every track is going to work for you. Do some testing before you download or buy tracks.

I will show you the trick, how to do this easy and fast. Let`s go…

Open up two windows, one window with your video project in it and the other with audio library in it. Since I am using ableton, I opened it there.

picking the right music for your youtube video

Next you’re going to hit play button in your editing software. You can use Screenflow or Camtasia and then play on tracks you want to try. Keep your music playing and just move through the library listening and feeling what works.

When you hear the right track it will spot out at you. Don`t make volume on your video too loud, so the music doesn’t interfere your voice.

PRO TIP: Try to avoid tracks that have focus or instruments that competed with your voice (solo guitars, flute, etc).

6. Keep background music in the background

Why? If you do a lot of talking style videos your audience is going to want to hear you, not just the music.

You shouldn’t have to listen hard to catch what you’re saying. The background music should be just loud enough to add interest, but not too loud that it distracts.

Once you completed all the steps, your videos are going to stand out from the crowd and I am sure it will keep your viewer engaged.

Over the last few years I’ve built up a library of my own tracks. Tracks that were use in brands videos on my YouTube channel.

P.S: How to do it all quickly & easily in 1 clean sweep? – Just send me a message or use our live chat and I will help you to pick up the best music score for your product.

Here is brilliant example how music impacts on your video or product:

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