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Music producer | Composer | Musician | Alexander Kochetkov

Who is AcousticBro?

So you’re curious who’s behind AcousticBro and who made all those background songs you hear on YouTube or TV and Radio commercials?! Well let me introduce myself!

My name is Alexander Kochetkov and I’m a music producer, composer, musician and freelancer that has created and provided music to many of today’s top YouTubers and creative advertising agencies. Used by major clients such as Riot Games, GM Financial, Redbox™, EuroSport, Sporting News, MyProtein™, ITV television channel and much more! My work has found it’s place in broadcast radio and television, films, movies and commercials worldwide.

Since 2009, Alexander Kochetkov been involved as a composer, musician and music producer into EDM scene. I have successful experience working with labels (Plasmapool, Insomnified, TurnItUp Muzik, SSR, BlueSoho, BlackHoleRecordings to name a few) and got huge support from top djs. Working under ‘Rocket Jumper’ musician alias released many quality tracks that gained a lot of fans and strong fan base. One of earlier tracks ‘Money’ instantly got support from Blasterjaxx and later by Andy Moor, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold, Thomas Ulstrup, Thomas Coastline and more..
Also launched a radioshow ‘Jumpermania’ on DI.FM http://di.fm/shows/jumpermania

I publish high quality articles, tips&tricks for entrepreneurs, videographers and freelancers!

Since 2015, Alexander Kochetkov is music producer, composer and musician on ‘Envato Market’ – Audiojungle. One of the biggest worldwide stock platforms. In my portfolio you will find:
– Quality background and advertising music that fits for advertisiment, video, speaker video, montage;
– Business, commercial, royalty free music for organizations, companies, B2B;
– Variety of different genres that will fit on 100% for your unique project;
– Music for games, radio and TV.

Since 2016 I signed few contracts with Battlebards (tabletop game platform) and participated in music contests for Audiocatch as composer.

In 2017 all my music shifted from Envato.com and available on www.acousticbro.com.


My blog is about royalty free music and everything related to this theme. I am covering pro tips and guides that helps people and provide value in real life.

I know that there are a lot of different myths and huge misinformation being spread around forums and popular internet marketing blogs. Mostly, peoples advice is quite poor, short and weak. They are talking about offers without actually having any real experience of using it.

I was there, believe me… Huge amount of different websites talking about nothing, including everything, lean content and less information. But I`ve learn a lot and still learn! I realized that I’m not providing my most valuable asset, my own personal knowledge and experience. And I really want to.

So, I decided to set up blog to share my experience as composer, musician and music producer and to provide quality advice & tutorials to those who need it.

I’m regularly asked how I produce and record my music, so here’s a breakdown of most of the key recording software and hardware I regularly use in the studio.

Software & Plugins:

  • Mixing/Mastering: Ableton Live 9 Suite , Fabfilter ProQ series, Waves Collection, Brainworx BX Digital V2, iZotope Ozone to name a few.
  • Software instruments/samplers: NI Kontakt (consisting of varied sound libraries), NI Massive, Nexus, Sylenth, Zebra2, Spire, ReValver4 and more.

Hardware (short list):

  • Interfaces: TC Electronic 6
  • Monitoring: KRK Rokit 6, Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO
  • Mics: AudioTechnica AT-2035, Shure SM-57/58
  • Controllers: Oxygen 49