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The License Certificate is a legal document and enables you to show any concerned parties or authorities that you have the correct and legal rights to use and perform my copyrighted material within your production.

If you are planning to use my music in educational (such as school or college projects), paid-for business projects , including non-profit or charity based projects (such as corporate videos or presentations of any kind), then it is very important that a License Certificate is purchased.

Also, the License Certificate is also used to clear YouTube copyright notices and prevents advertising from appearing on videos. This is especially important if you are a video producer that has created work for a commercial client and do not wish advertising to appear on their video. If you need assistance with this, please contact me here.

If you decide you do need a License, these can be purchased and downloaded via the various category links at the top of this site.


So, you’ve uploaded your brand new video to YouTube which contains my royalty free music and low and behold you see the a ‘matched third-party content‘ copyright notice appear next to your upload.

Firstly, Don’t panic!

This is nothing to worry about and perfectly normal when using my music and the notice is simply letting you know that YouTube’s ContentID system has detected my music that’s held on their systems, within your upload.

This is not the same thing as a copyright strike and does not affect the status of your video or channel in any way. What will happen is that advertising may run on your video, and a small portion of the revenue is distributed back to me, to the copyright holder of the music.

So, what do I need to do now?

There are two main options for you:

If you’re not monetizing the video which contains the music, then you may just ignore the notice and continue uploading your videos as normal. That’s all there is to it!
If you do want to monetize your YouTube video that contains the music (if you’re a YouTube Partner, for example) or you just want the onscreen advertising removed , you’ll need to have the copyright claim cleared, in order to do so. For this you’ll need your purchased License Certificate to hand (which is included with your download from my site and available via the ‘Downloads’ section in your account) and follow the instructions below:

Firstly, to make sure you can monetize your video without issue, it’s highly recommended that you first set your YouTube video as ‘unlisted’ until all claims have been removed.

If you are using my music in a ‘one-off’ video then you can simply hop over to this page, enter your details, video link and copy/paste in the contents of your purchased License Certificate into the message box and submit. The claim will be removed within 24-96 hours and you’ll receive an email once this has been completed. You’ll then be able to monetize that video.
If you plan to use my music regularly on your channel or videos, then visit my contact page here, paste in the contents from your purchased License Certificate in the box at the bottom and add your video link(s) and channel link. I will get back to you as soon as possible, then request will be complited and mark your channel as ‘whitelisted’ – meaning that you won’t receive any claims on my music, whenever it’s used on your videos. (Please note that this is only possible if you don’t have existing, uncleared claims from other artists on your channel, otherwise you’ll have to clear each claim manually, via the previous method in these instructions)
Alternatively, if you get stuck or need any help with anything, then just drop me a message here.