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9 Tips How To Make Profit Selling Royalty Free Music On-Line

how to make profit selling royalty free music on-line

Do you want extra cash by selling your music? Do you want to be satisfied with selling your royalty free music online?

Well, selling your music is one thing, but the real deal is not just selling downloads of your tracks on YouTube or other video channels, the real deal is being able to get your video to be seen by many people, heard by same many people and eventually getting paid for your tracks.

It is no secret anymore that the internet has turned into a valuable instrument for an artist and independent labels to promote and market themselves.

Today more fan pages are being set up, many video channels are created, and lots of websites are online to provide an avenue for these artists to take their destiny into their hand by taking charge of their careers and get known online.

But in all, just a few are seeing results with their endeavours.

If you are an artist or an independent label and you want to know the best approaches to selling royalty free music online successfully, here are useful tips to follow.

#1 Get Your Music Right

Producing average tracks will only attract average and mediocre people to your channel, but if you want to up your game to being successful with your music, then you need to perfect your tracks before putting them up for sale.

The truth is, you cannot get anywhere with the ‘usual’ kind of music. If your tracks are not well laid out, and your sound is not well mixed and mastered correctly, no real music producers will pay attention to you.

To get around learning your sound, you can buy sound kits that are already made to super quality and learn how they were made.

#2 Take Your Music Online

Online marketing is a sure solution to getting recognised by lots of people and gain acceptance from a broader audience.

There is the need for you to do effective online marketing if you want your track to get popular. Creating a brand for yourself and your music is a must, to get cheap identification online.

There are lots of amateur music makers that don’t know there left from there right; i.e. they don’t know how to start promoting their tracks, if you own a website, you can get ahead of them.

In fact, you can high up your selling price for your music if you sell through your site compared to renting a page on a third party website.

Some good ways to let people notice your website and your music is to join some popular social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
The main problem with all those social platforms that there is too much noise. So, personally I prefer to stay with email marketing more.

#3 Build & Maintain Relationships

royalty free music on-line

To be successful and understand how to make money by selling royalty free music, you need to understand the power in building long-term relationship. The more time you spend relating with people on your social network platform, the easier it becomes to get your music in front of many of them.

Many novice music makers believe in just creating their music and listing it on third-party networks and expect magic to happen.

But this is not the best approach to get success happen. To be successful, you want to look out for serious artist that known what they are doing and you may finda way of perfoming with them.

You can quickly build relationship with these serious artists by joining their skype group or facebook group or even following them on their twitter handle.

#4 Time Perfomance

Time is primary. Always have it in mind while working and discover the method to perform things fast, while keep the quality criteria needed for creating professional music or product.

Polish, setup, and pure your working tools. Arrange your Digital Audio Workstation – it may take a while, but have it all ready is essential. Therefore, when you begin producing, you don’t need to bother about other things.

Personally I am using Ableton and I love to start with pre-made templates for my projects. Where everything is setup correct with different groups of instruments and colour schemes.

#5 Focus on 1 style

selling royalty free music on-line

You probably could think why? Well, if you created different music styles already, it s fine. But when starting out it is better to concentrate on 1 style of music and produce a few songs in that flow.

Spreading is not essential at the very start. After in-depth scan of the market (and I am sure you should), you can decide which style you think will sell, and which you feel cozy producing.

After that, work on that style. Create few tunes, and check them – if you discover it is not on demand at the moment, try another. After you made those tests and find out at least 2-3 nice styles that sells, you can go to phase 2 and spreading your portfolio.

Personally I found myself best in EDM, cinematic and folk music styles.

As I mentioned above, operating with templates is a huge time saver. Templates are playing a crucial role in determination of your workflow and productivity. Why?

Well, after you have produced a tune that goes with your set of instruments, framework and mix, proceed and save it as a template. For some artists, using templates seems ashamed or uncreative, yet, having them prepared will perfect your time perfomance. Just try it yourself!

#6 Try to minimize distractions

It is a foolproof fact – getting distracted while working occurs to all of us but it’s should be refined.

Personally I am working in my control room. Because I have a nice pet, who is always wants to play with me or with some things in room, it sometimes hard to get focused on work. Imagine when you have a kid or two?

Reduce interruptions to minimal and hold yourself concentrated.

# 7 Establish an organised operative atmosphere

That s being said. For the automated processes you will need to have an ordered archive of all your resources.

It s taking me for about 5 years to understand, that chaos in my library is a huge time-consuming process. I need to find this or that instrument for particular project and wasting my time on that.

Because I am working in many genres, it really could take a while to remember and find needed instrument. So, when I got tired of this, I ordered everything and sighed with relief.

Nice management frame will save your workflow constant, so you’re not losing valuable time by looking for folders. And when working on you own – organisation is super important, but in a collaborative environment, it’s crucial!

#8 Build schedules (weekly or monthly)

free royalty music online

Despite it seems not very actual for pros, it is still important to have some schedules. Believe me, I am working with music for about 10 years (you can check my music for brands), and when you got a bunch of projects and deadlines for clients, it s essential.

Primarily, the of tasks that need to be done may be thumping – possibly scary. So, it s most effective to do one step at a time.

Make a “to-do-list” and set precisely when you are going to accomplish a specific job. Spot it on the calendar or some software. There are many great tools out there that will improve and help you to keep track of your schedule.

Personally I am using Trello, Xmind (for mind maps) and Evernote. They have great synchronization. And again, this is great time-saver.

Don t forget to exclude points off your “to-do-list” when you accomplish them. It will help you to stay aimed on right things and let you to power up your workload over time. Because you will figure out what is achievable and what is not.

#9 Record your progress

I think this is important, especially for beginners. Though you are not making cash from start, it is importan to build a database to measure your progress and results.

Create few documents for data and record everything you find relevant for you. For example: when you finished project, or when your song got approved, or howmany sales you had.

Sales reports on a monthly basis from each source, net income per platform and so on. In this case the more information, the greater.

Personally I am using Excel for that kind of information. It s simple and useful. I have everything on my working schedule, can check upcoming tunes on different stocks and track trending items on market.

Because, If you don’t have any information to rate your progress, you won’t be able to understand how to improve your product.

Collecting data and ordering it provides you a summary of everything that is going on and will help you to take your decisions based on true facts instead of estimations. I am doing this for 3 years already and it works.

Really, take it seriously. It is about your potential income. Leave one day of the week or even few hours that you will dedicate exclusively to updating and reviewing your business.

In conclusion

how to make money by selling royalty free music

The truth is, it’s not as easy as claimed to make a good income from selling music online but it’s very possible.

The #1 reason many people lose hope on their music career is that they underestimate the amount of work involved.

But the actual success is staying consistent and persistent in the game, building your brand on social media platforms, different sources, elsewhere. Only then can you start to see results with your efforts.

Try to stay focused while working and stay confident.

Though it might appear hard to concentrate on tasks you avoid, it is the best way to discover more about what pertains to business – assisting you to develop and improve your professional state of mind.

Time management is vital for a constant and balanced workflow. You may need extra time on establishing and optimising everything to your specific desires – and that’s ok.

It is even desirable. Prepare yourself, learn how to use the proper tools, and be capable to squash the most effective information out of your historicals.

You can check out short review about how to make money selling music online:

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